Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Berlin 2005

It's a funny expericence that the smell of the air and the intensity of the sunshine and all the other elements of the season can bring back the clear memories that you've had around the same time of the year in the past.

Almost a year ago, I took a weekend (3 days and a half) trip to Berlin for the first time in my life. Out of the blue, I decided to take a trip to the city I was curious to know. Luckly I found that Maki, a girlfriend of mine from my high school age lives in Berlin. Thanks to her, I had one of the most unforgettable and intense weekend trip in my life under abnormally hot weather. (It was over mid-80's each day while I was in Berlin.)

My first visit to brussel, (I had to stop over for a half-day in Brussel.) It felt like the first day of the summer.
Downstair of the train staion in Brussel.
The cafe in front of maki's apartment in Rosenthaler Platz.

The suburban area of Berlin. (about 20 min east of Ostbahnhof station.) Weekend mid-day, and nobody was outside. Creepy....
The same area as above (Marzan). Miles and miles of residensial buildings painted in cheerful colors.
Maki's neighborhood.
Maki and Maki's roommate, Phillip in front of a Kiosk type-Boutique/Bar nearby their apartment.
The bathroom inside the Kiosk bar.
In the bathroon at a club near the River.
A view from Maki's room.
Early morning after dancing all night. The last night at berlin, The rain was heavy until the morning.
Waiting for the tram, on the way to the airport.

In the train to the airport, "I don't want to go home..."
A street near the airport. Finally it stopped raining.
The Tempelhof Airpot. Around 8:00am. As you can see, this airpot looks like some kind of government building. This used to be an East Berliner's airpot.