Friday, January 21, 2011

~ JAPAN PREP PART 1 ~ 鞍馬山 (Mount Kurama) , North Kyoto

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Mount Kurama (鞍馬山 Kurama-yama?) is a mountain to the north-west of the city of Kyoto
It is the birthplace of the Reiki practice, and is said to be the home of Sōjōbō, King of the Tengu
who taught swordsmanship to Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Kurama Temple (鞍馬寺 Kuramadera?) is now designated as a national treasure of Japan.

I had a chance to visit my friend, Rosie-san (in the pic above), who lives below the mountain.  According to her,
Mount Kurama has been known as a power spot for about a century, and she comes almost every other day, 
before she goes to work.  So we joined her ritual one morning in May. The dewy air, sounds of insects, birds, 
frogs and chanting by the monks were heavenly harmonized and quite soothing.
I'd recommend every one to go there early in the morning (around the sunrise) where you can have it on your own.
This is what I call "a luxury time".