Thursday, July 26, 2007



jimagraphy said...

I like the 2nd photographs very much. It reminds me of shots in Andrei Tarkovsky films. The atomosphere feels so fragile. Maybe this is one side of Ms. Sakamoto. Usually you are very active, sporty, and having fun with friends. Do you know the russian film director? Maybe I spelled his name wrong.

davi said...

these are very nice...

yes i can see the reference you have made Mr. Jima to

Ayumi, watch his film Solaris with Master Ron, not the remake.

his book: "Instant Light:Tarkovsky Polaroids" would bee a great point of reference i think you might enjoy Missy Moto.
please take a look if you can find it anymore.
it is a hot item that went into the collectors bin pretty fast after it was published.