Monday, October 29, 2007

Tulum Part3, "Sian Ka'an - Biosphere Reserve" Tour

The "Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve" is one of the world's largest natural reserve, its name means "where the sky is born" in the language of the Mayan people who once inhabited this region. It's located in a place where Jungle, marshes and a large marine section with a barrier reef all meets. One of the most untouched and pure place I've ever been in this planet.

Caribbean ocean on the left, lagoon on the right, the jungle in between.

We walked inside the jungle ( foreground ) to get to the dock further down to take the boat tour around the lagoon..

The massive mangrove forest inside the lagoon. The mangrove grows in clean water.

We took a tour with only one more couple from Rome that day. Getting wet in a fast boat ride.

A man-made building in the middle of lagoons. It was originally built around 900AD in order to prevent any outsider to invade.

Our Tour guide, beautiful person, we all jumped into the water from here.

The captain with his boat, waiting for us while we were swimming. Super skilled driver. I felt like I was in a 007 movie when he goes fast in narrow paths.

It was almost full moon that night.


chama said...

it's so surreal looking...
the guide is hot, with such a tight body!

tiny dancer said...

Chama - do u need guided love?
I want to visit this place!