Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4th Rooftop BBQ Party

Jima and Chama, They know each other for the longest time in NYC.

Photographer Mr. Hiro Ihara's studio in LIC.
A gorgeous View of Manhattan.

Shige san, my former emplyer.

Koyuki chan and her 6 months old son, Francisco.

Tomoko and Soichiro

Chama and Soichiro

Nao san and Soichiro

Dan and Shinya, Amerikajin in the back

a groupshot of J-yorkers

Miramax hours


chama said...

why it's been raining every july 4th!?
great view with bbq though

davi said...

WOW, good times were had, even with the rain out..
looks great,
and i love Rons' new Haircut,
the Sleez has lost,
but a new look has started,
looks real tough now,
watch out kids...